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November 2, 2021

Why is it so hard to tell our story?

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We are going to talk about "story". Important notice, I will speak on a personal level, but maybe you can relate.

A little back story

Until recently, my assumption was: "people don't really care about my story ". I believed that the people around me (family, friends, or colleagues) already knew my story. Plus, I had been living it my all life.

It was only after a conversation with my brother in August that I realized that my presumption was wrong.

He was asking questions about my life decisions. He wanted to know what motivated me to keep a vivid determination on making a living from my passion.

I was shocked. I was surprised to realize everything that I had never talked about to him or my other little brother. I always thought that my words or texts were enough for them to understand me. Through my actions and choices, they would be able to paint an accurate picture of my life. After all, they are my brothers, and we've spent 20+ years living together.

That particular moment triggered something within me. I started to ask myself: "if even my brother who lives with me every day doesn't know my story, what about my friends or colleagues? "

Nobody knows my story because I have never tried to share it publicly.


This year was a lot on so many levels. We can all agree on that. But this year has also been a good one for me. And now, I understand my need to share my story.

I always have been the friend you call when you feel stuck or trapped in your business or personal adventures. I've always always been a problem solver for my people. Of course, I offer other fantastic and less amazing (hey I human 💁🏿‍♂️) stuff, but I recognize that this aspect of my personality is something that everybody enjoys.

I, everything that I know and believe, has been shared with me by other people. Thanks to their courage to share their vulnerability and ideas, I am who I am today.

In "real life ", I see how I stimulate my people to think and be kind to themselves in various situations. How I mastered the skill of asking the right questions and listening

As a consequence of that realization, I decided to change the way I communicate online. The internet gives us the power to connect with people without any borders. However, I feel like I was using that power the wrong way.

This is why I started this blogging experience. To share my thoughts, challenge your ideas, and create new conversations about subjects that matter to us.

You're interesting.

Therefore, I encourage you to share your story as well. I know you're asking yourself the same question that I used to: "why should I start blogging or that youtube channel that I have been talking about for a moment now?"

You believe that your story is not that interesting.

You don't realize that billions of people (literally) have never heard of you or your story. Nobody has ever experienced life the way you're experiencing it. And that, my friend, is an exciting truth.

If this article does not convince you, try this: go on your favourite platform (Youtube, Instagram, etc.) and observe. Don't you notice anything?

Everything is people sharing their stories, experiences, or ideas in so many different ways.

Yes! Exactly!

We all watch people for hours. People share a little of themselves, and we like it. They inspire, motivate, or relax.

Moreover, those people are like you and me. Human. They have the same phone or camera that you have or can buy. Nothing stops anybody from doing that. To share their stories. Nothing but ourselves.

Now, I am 28 years old and most of you, my readers, are of a similar age bracket. So you have a life and experience in so many domains. I know most of you, and I can tell you that your life is interesting.

In conclusion, if you feel the need to share your story and perspectives, no matter the medium, do it.

Do it.

It's going to be helpful to you and, most importantly, willing to others.

That's a great way to contribute to society.

Take care 🌹

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