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Published On
October 26, 2021

The moment is now

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Sasha Freemind

Have you noticed that, in the long run, you tend to regret things that you didn’t say/do more than things that you said/did?

Funny. After arriving at that conclusion, I decided to stop waiting for the perfect moment. I realized that the perfect moment is now.

We live in a world where you can create your brand and connect with, potentially, billions of people. This is crazy (but true), I know…

You rarely say: “oh I regret linking up with that person.”, “I am disappointed in myself because I said something.” or “I am disappointed that I made that piece of art last week.”

We regret that we didn’t say or do anything at certain moments in our lives.

We regret that we missed the horse at the carousel too many times. But keep your head up.

Now is another chance. The moment is now.


Take care 🌹

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