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December 24, 2021

Focus on progress

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One year ago, I decided to make changes in my life. I wanted to stop smoking and be more physically active.

After making that decision, I bought an Apple Watch to track one particular habit: walk every day 10.000 steps.

After doing it for a couple of weeks, I lost my motivation and decided to walk 10km every day instead.

In the beginning, that was a nightmare, but slowly, my body started to pick up the rhythm. The challenge became fun. Every morning, I was excited to wake up, pick up my shoes, start my preferred podcasts and go outside for a walk.

Then the reality hit: starting to walk 10km every day after years of inactivity while being overweight is a bad idea.

My joints weren't prepared for that kind of sudden change. I injured myself by being too focused on perfection and hitting 10km every day.

Thanks to my physiotherapist, I recovered.

Realising that my approach wasn't the right one, I started to ask myself: "How does my fucking body works?"

That burning question pushed me to explore more about anatomy, biology, and nutrition.

First, I completely stopped smoking on June 21, 2021. This is a BIG W for me. I love myself for that.

Secondly, I stop focusing on "I need to go to the gym." Not being able to control my body and perform the way I wanted was a huge source of frustration. One day, I could do a perfect session, then the following days, I suffered muscle stiffness—an easy excuse not to practice.

Instead, I started focusing on movement. Because we are species of habits and rituals, I broke down my chair (already defective) and replaced it with a gym ball.

This change helped in two different ways:

  1. When I sit on the ball, I have to engage my core for stability: GREAT!
  2. Thanks to that, I cannot stay all day long sitting. That variable pushes me to get up or sit on the floor more often.

That experience encourages me to keep implementing new habits in my daily journey to help me improve my health and self-esteem.

Of course, they are some things that I will have a hard time changing BUT, the goal is to focus on progress. Step by step, I will get where I want to be.

Take Care 🌹

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