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October 27, 2021

Accountability, be public about it

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This is why accountability is a powerful concept.

Over the last two years, I tried different solutions to get myself working out consistently. I bought a subscription to the gym and attended with friends and alone. I tried a personal trainer to motivate me and follow my progress. Unfortunately, I kept having the same result. Something would happen in my personal/professional life, and I’d use it as an excuse.

At first, I felt terrible about this. However, quickly enough, I realized that only one or two people knew my predicament: me and the person who’ll hear me say “I can’t“.

Knowing that I started to think of all the engagements I took and didn’t want to quit. I brainstormed about why I was a high-performing athlete before but not anymore. Or why I accomplished everything I did until now. The answer to those questions struck me: Accountability.

Every time that I started my new workout program, nobody knew. I was practically alone, and quitting was always an option. If somebody asked me why I wasn’t working out, I always found a valid & credible excuse.

When you announce your goal to the world (especially the internet and social media), even the less interested people will check your progress. Watching if you’re going to do what you said you will. That pressure is different.

“Oh but you said two weeks ago that you quit drinking, what’s going on? Why are you drinking now?!” That’s the kind of message you get from somebody who is concerned and holds you accountable. By stating your new objectives and being public about them, I realized that maybe it would increase my chances of changing my life for the better.

This is why I officially declare: I want to quit smoking (I will do it step by step ASAP & I will cook edible shortly), and I want to exercise every-fucking-day!

My plan is quite simple: (1) every time I want to smoke, I will go outside and take a walk. if it’s raining, I will do it under our carport. (2) I will make 10.000 steps every day and post a screenshot in my Instagram story. (3) Last, but not least, I will record my live training sessions and post them on IGTV (in a specific collection).

Hold me accountable! Please help me and encourage me every chance you get. This is going to be hard for me, BUT I need it. More importantly, I want you to be part of this process and play your role: feel free to judge me if that can help me reach my goals. I want a better life for myself but also for the people who love me. I can’t do that if something happens to me because of bad habits. Is it too late? I don’t know, but I am starting now anyway.

See you later on my Instagram for the first workout session.

Take care of yourself ❤️

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