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Yusuf Ali II, known professionally as Ye Ali, is a Chicago-born artist, producer, and songwriter. In 2012, he started blending his deep love and knowledge of R&B with his rap fixation, developing a style that was equal parts trap beats and Jodeci-inspired R&B grooves.

In October 2019, I find out through Twitter that he was on the verge to release a sequel to his TrapHouse Jodeci project.

I contacted him to link up. Intrigued, his manager replied to me and I walked him through my marketing and branding ideas.

The Platform

Something was missing. Good music, good videos but the number didn’t add up. Something was broken in the process. He missed a platform that he could control. A website is not only a beautiful thing that you use to put all your links. No, it’s not just that. It’s a technology that allows you to have superpowers.

Early fans happily give us data that we can use to generate audiences all over the world. All of that base on our actual fan base characteristics. All you need is a website, traffic and solid knowledge in digital ads, consumer behaviours and content marketing.

Ye Ali had the traffic and I had the knowledge. The only thing missing was the website to make everything works. I solved that problem by engineering a website that perfectly fits the branding strategy of the project.

This is how the platform looks like in mobile (with the e-commerce solution on BigCartel).

Ye Ali’s Website Experience by FMRGZ

The Strategy

Even though the execution is very complex and demands patience and a lot of data analyses, the general idea is quite straightforward. With time, I notice more and more that most of the artists out there don’t really understand the power of having a website, a genuine content marketing & digital advertisement strategy.

I do. I knew that this would make a difference for an artist like Ye Ali.

The graphic below illustrates my thoughts:

To verify my strategy, I invested a couple of 100’s into digital ads (a week after the release date) and monitored five KPI’s: website traffic, CTR rate, e-commerce conversion rate, weekly stream statistics & feedback on social media.

For obvious reasons, I can’t share the details. However, I am happy to say that I was 120% right about my process and the execution. I show that I was able to reach people outside of his usual audience.

On the business side, the merch was selling so fast that we sold out in less than a week.

Last Words

That initiative that I had was based on me wanting to add value, verify my process and help an artist that I appreciate. Unfortunately, he never really took the time to talk to me or try to understand my ideas.

I was able to generate traffic, discovery and conversion from unexploited assets. All of that was automated. He wasn’t able to see the value and that really was a disappointment.

No hard feelings. That wasn’t a necessity for me. I got everything I needed to move forward. I made my money back (and more) through merch, new clients found me and most importantly: I proved that my process works on a bigger stage.

The same process that got me Gold and Platinum plaques later.
That’s another story ➝

Take care.
Yours Truly 🌹

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