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Jules-César aka EMREN JEZED is my brother. Immediately after watching his first music video, I called him to ask if he needed any help.

From our conversation, we highlighted four main challenges/problems that we needed to focus on:

  1. A strategy to help him unlock his mastery and creativity;
  2. Engineer a version of the website that he can use as an EPK;
  3. Share his music to the world and get feedback;
  4. Expand his network and get his music to the media.

This is how we solved/are solving them.

Artist Development

I said this already in a previous case study: artist development with passionate people is the easiest part.

Emren Jezed has a rich academic training in composition and the art of music. Hence I was surprised when he talked to me about his struggles. I quickly understood his point though.

I prescribed the best solution that I know for this kind of situation. I believe that if someone wants to become a writer, that person should write as much as she/he can. The same principle applies here: I recommended him to play live every night for a month.

The real objectives of that exercise are to learn how to command creativity and put you in a position where you are not allowed to suck for a long period of time (aha). You got to do the work and get better every day. Being life gives an extra layer of accountability.

I recommend him to deliver a different kind of performance: 15-min challenge to create a song from scratch, 20 to 45 minutes showcase singing & playing covers, beat-making, sharing his vocals recording process, etc.

After 40 days straight going live EVERY NIGHT (he exceeded my expectations), the result was amazing. All his technical skills were better. He became more and more capable of commanding creativity literally on demand.

That experience gave birth to 8 fabulous singles. And it doesn’t stop there, he is still exploring his artistry and finding his voice.

Vinyle Packaging created by me

The Website

Since the beginning of our collaboration, I created different versions of the website. One particular version was very good visually but wasn’t helpful in our journey of connecting with the media.

I have a folder on my laptop with loads of Traditional and Electronic Press Kit. After 30 minutes of scanning them, I decided to take a fresh approach and build the layout of the website in an EPK format. Taking full advantage of the UI to give all the information that a media, label or press would need.

The Link Platform

Early 2020, I created a premium Link landing page platform for my own needs. He saw it and asked if I could do it for him too. I choose to do it on WordPress because it is the easiest way to give him full liberty to add and remove links.

The world needs to know

Like I said: my brother is a passionate artist. He strongly believes in his art. Therefore, releasing music wasn’t an issue at all.

The challenge is to find people who genuinely give a damn about what he has to say.

I had a hunch. Coupled with market research and specific audience targeting (persona), I decided to experiment with digital ads. I chose “Conscience”, the first single & music video (see above).

The result was mind-blowing. I decided to try with an investment of 100€ over 10 days (10€ a day), the engagement was way beyond my expectations. The screenshot below is all the comments that I succeed to put in the frame. There are more than that of course. It doesn’t include the DM that we received.

New fan love. The result of an impactful song, a creative video and specific targeting.

Right now, we are working on exciting ads campaign for 2021.

Networking with the media

Even though he is not able to invest in ads right now, there are still a lot of tactics that he can use to touch people and especially the media.

Currently, we succeed to receive two confirmation from regional and national radio stations. My brother is going to be on the radio!

Nevertheless, we are still working on that by building communication and relationship with the people in the industry.

In addition to that, I am implementing an email marketing strategy to touch direct consumers = potential future fans. I will share more on that in an upcoming article.

In the meantime, here is a playlist with all his singles so far. As always, enjoy the experience:

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