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Ayoba is a British born, Nigerian recording artist and audio engineer based in London.

Our relationship started when I discovered him on SoundCloud. The connexion between us has been 5G quality since the beginning.

A couple of years later, Ayoba asked me to help him build his online presence. He always showed appreciation for my aesthetic, my perspective and philosophy concerning independent artists. Of course, I accepted.

The Foundations

The foundations of your brand is the platform(s) that you own.

Ayoba use words and sounds to share his emotions and tell stories. Not only his. He has a talent to depict the world around him.

We wanted to make people focus on that.

First thing we did was to set-up a photo shot with the talented Derrick Odafi.

I engineered the website in a minimalist fashion around one of these pictures.

The message is clear: an open invitation to press play.

What’s next?

Although he still continues to produce and engineer for other artists, Ayoba recently decided to take an undetermined hiatus. He needs time to sort things out and clearly decided how to present himself to the world.

We released an EP (β€œC.A.S.P.E.R.”) and one single (β€œCupid Strike”) together. I am impatient to take this adventure to the next level. In the meantime, I invite you to discover and enjoy his artistry:


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