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VISUÆL, is a privately held corporation through which Fidele FMRGZ Murengezi applies his professional life. Fidele began to serve the field on November 30, 2016, and VISUÆL, was incorporated in Estonia on October 14, 2020.

This site is published for the benefit of clients, friends, and fellow professionals on topical matters of interest. My advice is arrived at on a completely independent basis. While I believe that the information contained here is accurate and critical to success, you are advised to seek specific guidance that is unique to your circumstances.

In plain English, most of this is accurate but some of it isn’t, and I’m not sure which is which while I keep learning from everywhere I can. In other words, the decisions remain yours and you should be thorough and cautious. I’ll do my best, but nothing is guaranteed.

This website is designed and engineered by Fidele FMRGZ Murengezi.


My privacy policy is straightforward: I have no intention, nor business, to share, disclose, trade or sell the information you share with me through the forms on this website.

Concerning the marketing tools used on this website ("Facebook Pixels" & "Google Analytics"), there is no way for me to clearly identify anyone of the visitors of this site. I use them to help me develop my audience and help as many entrepreneurs that I can.

If you ever see something strange happening on the website, please let me know by email.

I value privacy more than anything.

Thank you for your trust.

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