Fidele FMRGZ Murengezi Brand Architect specialised in making that shit happened.
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Fidele FMRGZ Murengezi Brand Architect specialised in making that shit happened.

Advisory Services

Below, you will find my paid services. I can sometimes craft a different engagement than any of the packages listed, so please inquire if you are struggling to find a fit.

Total Brand Therapy — This is my flagship service. It is a very impactful solution for businesses under the creative umbrella (digital, dev, advertising, PR, communications, UX, consulting, etc.) wanting a holistic, objective, candid assessment of their business and then specific recommendations to take them to the next level and beyond. [€10.000+]

Single Components of Total Brand Therapy

Brand Clarity — At the core of every one of your projects is you. Beautiful, compelling, powerful you. More than anyone in your organisation, you need to clearly (re)define your brand’s positioning, business policy, culture, and storytelling while drawing your audience more deeply into the experience that you’re providing. [€4.000]

Genuine Content Marketing — Your only marketing asset is your expertise. If you want to market, you must share your expertise, aka create content. Content creation is the most confusing and challenging aspect of marketing most entrepreneurs face. A deep and genuine connection with your audience, clients, or fans starts with empathy. Learning to be aware of that will allows you to create valuable, relevant, and consistent content to touch and retain clearly defined audiences all over the world. [€5.000]

Profit Generation — When you have clear goals, own the bold positioning of your brand, and have a genuine content marketing strategy to nurture your audience, the next step is to generate – more – profit (and not revenues) by intelligently activating and using your assets. [€6.000]

Website & Social Media Audit — I’ll provide you with an analysis of your social media’s & website’s weaknesses and a detailed, step-by-step recommendation for what your platforms need to more effectively create opportunities. These recommendations include page-specific information architecture imperatives, guidelines for content and call-to-action arrangement and functionality, as well as detailed specifications for designers and developers working on your website and social media page(s). [€2.500]

Specific Questions & Issues — When you have everything set up but need to pick up my brain for specific questions about your strategy or marketing campaign, I can join you on the phone (or Zoom) to help you clarify and solve your problem(s). [300€ – hourly rate] → Book me here


The ideal Client…
  • Runs a small (1-12 person), privately held firm that sells expertise.
  • Works directly with me as the decision-maker and not through another member of the organisation.
  • Is hiring me primarily because of my expertise and not because I am good looking.
  • Is willing to let me (1) decide which symptoms are relevant; (2) diagnose the problem meticulously; (3) and suggest the best solutions that can point to real change but minimises disturbance as much as possible.
  • Is willing to be engaged from the very beginning, listening and reading with intense focus, and then jumping into implementation with a burning fire.
  • Has no hesitation about my fee against the background of the possible impact on their business, and submits it promptly without a reminder. They do so because they know, subconsciously or otherwise, that not hiring me will be much more expensive than doing so.
  • Is open to a different point of view, though likely testing each piece of advice rather than accepting it blindly.
What are the typical deliverables in a working relationship?

I am an expert in this field, and my energy is expended in ways that maintain that position. With that in mind, my main deliverable is an insightful analysis and transformative advice. The focus is not on long reports or even reports at all, and in fact, my recommendations are short, concise, and only in outline form. I can then expand where that would be helpful.

What should be my expectations?

My work is not to make miracles. What clients appreciate the most, though, is an outside viewpoint on how they are really doing (without pulling any punches), or how to accomplish something without reinventing the wheel. They realise that change is still their responsibility, but they want to be pointed in the right direction based on what has been successful for other businesses. I will never know as much about your business as you do, but I will likely know more about your business than any other consultant that you work with.

Sometimes I imagine this as you standing in a heavy fog, not even knowing all the options, not to mention which one might make the most sense. Because this is familiar field, I’ll step towards you, grab your hand, and safely lead you out into a place where you can see more clearly.

The solutions are not conventional. From one point of view, I am not very likely to see something new in each engagement, but I’ve seen hundreds of different factors and what’s unique is not the factors themselves but how clients have combined them into their own unique form of dysfunction! Thus your situation will require a unique answer, which is like using just a few — but the right — tools from a very large toolbox.

This is a big decision and I’d like to get a feel for how we’d work together. Can we get together and meet first?

I won’t invest energy to make this happen because it requires time that I could’ve been spending in my work for clients (instead of prospecting). I will be glad to spend time answering questions by phone or email to give you a comfort level with how I’ll approach working for you. Plus, this website hosts a lot of valuable (and free) material that will provide insight into how I think.

What are regular payment condition? 

All services are fully prepaid and non-refundable, for any reason.

This policy is applied consistently with every client.

Exceptions: In the case of a Total Brand Therapy, an initial deposit holds the date. If the engagement is cancelled before full payment is received, all paid funds plus time/materials plus a 20% penalty is payable upon cancellation.

The reason is not cash flow. It gives me the freedom to be completely transparent with you, not nurturing any fear that you’ll be upset and retain payment.

How do we work together after you leave?

Most of the services are remote. The on-site Total Brand Therapy, though, is followed by an “implementation period.” That includes a set number of significant emails or phone calls, and then some emails short calls, too, which I don’t count. These are usually initiated by you when there’s something you want help with, but sometimes from me if I feel like you’re avoiding me or may have lost some momentum. The implementation period is defined for each service, indicated by a set number of calls over a set number of months, whichever comes first. I would consider an interaction substantial if it takes a fair bit of time, there’s an agenda, preparation is needed, etc.

Another way to look at it is this: I’m in the business of solving huge, confusing problems that are preventing you from sleeping. I could help solve the smaller issues, but that’s boring and there’s little money there!

Can you show me sample recommendations and cross out any confidential portions? 


It’s too much work. It destroys the essence of the recommendations. It’s giving away my craft.

Besides if this is important, you may be too unconvinced to benefit from a client relationship. I’d recommend that you read & listen everything that interests you on this website to familiarise yourself with how I think and work with clients and then just trust your gut.

If you choose that I am not a fit, I’m still glad for you to gain as much as possible from the information here.